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Environment control testing equipment

Pressure, Vacuum, Temperature, Insulation

If you are a researcher that needs to control the surrounding environment of your samples, we could be very helpful to you. Our testing equipment controls the pressure (both compression and vacuum), temperature of the environment and outside exposure through its insulation technology. If you have special requirements for such products, we have the ability to developed devices to your exact specifications.


  • Development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of experimental devices for various researches
  • Manufacture of customized experimental devices.
  • Joint development with leading company, university and research facility
  • Manufacture and sale of company's own products

Product Examples

Test Cell

Test Cell

A pressurized environment (called a cell) is required to evaluate the properties of materials in batteries. This device is easy to assemble and disassemble. Therefore, set-up time is very short. Once assembled, a highly accurate test can be performed. This “Test Cell” device is capable of controlling positive pressure, vacuum pressure, temperature and outside exposure. It greatly helps researchers control their test conditions.

Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor Unit

This unit was developed to create a Zeolite Synthesis Reaction under certain conditions. When testing and creating this reaction, a specific temperature is maintained and controlled.